Davy Crockett Ranch Breakfast

In this blog we’ll show you what the Breakfast Basket of Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch looks like. We also tell you where you can pick-up your breakfast and how the entire buy-choose-and-pick-up-your-breakfast situation works. Furthermore we’ll show you all the food that is included with the breakfast and we also tell you what we think about it. Was it any good and therefor worth the money? Without further ado … let’s start the blog!

Where to buy the breakfast?

When you’re booking your magical Disneyland Paris vacation (for example on the phone, like we did) it’s most likely that the cast member on the other side of the telephone-line will ask you if you would like to include breakfast. Your responds will be a definite YES and so the Davy Crockett Ranch Breakfast is added to your vacation and you will enjoy the wonders of the Breakfast Basket…. will you?

Getting the breakfast basket from a cabin at Davy Crockett Ranch

In case you are booking online; the same question (do you want to include breakfast) will be asked. But even when you decide NOT to include the breakfast there’s always a chance for you to add it later on. For example while checking-in at the reception desk. Also at the Alamo Trading Post you can still add the breakfast to your vacation.

Sometimes (during booking) the breakfast comes at a special price. This way Disney will try to sell the vacation to you faster. For example, there might be a special deal which adds the breakfast for free to your Disneyland Paris vacation.

What’s the price of the breakfast?

The price of the Davy Crockett Breakfast Basket is 10 euros per person. It doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or child, the breakfast is always 10 euros. Sometimes you’re in luck and you’ll get the breakfast for free or at a discount rate with your Disneyland Paris booking, but for most of us … it’s pay time!

Are there other breakfast options?

To find an alternative for your breakfast at Davy Crockett all you need to do is to walk up to Alamo Trading Post. This store at Davy Crockett Ranch is like a small supermarket. In this shop you can buy fresh French baquette (delicious!) and some toppings to add to your bread-goodness. We’re not sure if they sell cheese. It would be obvious, but we can’t remember seeing it. Maybe this could be something to bring from home.

Alamo Trading Post Davy Crockett Ranch Disneyland Paris

Of course there are also other breakfast options besides the Breakfast Basket throughout Disneyland Paris (and Disney Village) and also in the surrounding of the park. We made a video about where to get breakfast in Disneyland Paris. Watch it here.

Did you know that you can press your own orange juice at the Alamo Trading Post? The price of the orange juice is €4,49 for 500ml. When you would like a bigger bottle (1 liter) it will cost you €6,99. It’s a delicious addition to your breakfast.

Fresh orange juice at Davy Crockett Ranch

Where can you pick-up the breakfast

You can pick up the breakfast basket in one of the ‘Breakfast Cabins’ at the beginning of a certain trail. When you’re checking in at the reception the cast member will tell you where the exact location is. We had to pick up our breakfast at the first trail from the reception, but the location may change accordingly to the amount of cabins that are occupied.

Sven in front of one of the breakfast cabins at Davy Crockett Ranch

In our case not many cabins were in use and for this reason there was only one Breakfast cabin open. Looking at the distance from the Breakfast cabin versus the cabin we stayed in, it was quite far away. Therefor we decided to take the car to fetch the breakfast. It could however be a lovely early morning stroll. You’re surrounded by trees and chirping birds, so it could be a perfect beginning of a magical Disneyland Paris day!

Sven is walking to one of the breakfast cabins at Davy Crockett Ranch

Where should you eat the breakfast

As you might know from our videos or the precious blog about Davy Crockett Ranch (read it here) is that there’s a giant living room and kitchen table in your cabin. You may have guessed it: perfect to enjoy your breakfast basket. We loved the camping kind of feeling that we got from eating the breakfast in our own cabin. We also liked that it had that typical Disneyland Paris Hotel feeling too: the television showed the ‘Disneyland Paris 10 Things to Know Before You Go’ video. We always watch these 10 tips (however we know them my heard by now) while enjoying our breakfast.

Kitchen and couch Davy Crockett Ranch

What’s included with the breakfast

When you pick up your breakfast you’ll get two bags: one in the shape of a basket and regular shaped paper bag. The content of the regular shaped bag are baguettes and croissants (if you chose them). The basket carries the spreads and the drinks.

Here’s a list of the content of the Breakfast Basket shaped box:

  • 2 x butter
  • 4 sticks of coffee (for boiled water) or teabags
  • 2 granolabars
  • 4 sticks of sugar
  • 2 cups of jam (we had 1 strawberry and 1 apricot)
  • 2 cups of Nutella
  • 2 cups of applesauce
  • 2 small packs of milk
  • 2 small packs of either orange juice or apple juice
  • Optional: cornflakes (you can chose between croissants or corn flakes)
The contents of the breakfast basket

Here’s a list of the content of the regular shaped paper bag:

  • 2 medium sized baguettes
  • optional: 2 croissants (you can chose between croissants or corn flakes)

How did we experience the breakfast

Let’s tell you this first: we got the breakfast for free due to some unfortunate circumstances (we had a lot of bad luck with our Davy Crockett cabin, watch the whole story here). We initially booked our Davy Crockett Cabin without the breakfast, but we were happy we got the chance to try the breakfast for two days.

The baguette

First of all the baguettes were a bit of a disappointment. These weren’t the typical French baguettes that you would expect to get in France. The so called ‘baguette’ in your breakfast is a ciabatta. Also delicious, but not a baguette. What makes it even stranger is that they sell the real French baguette in the Alamo Trading Post. So close and yet so far away! Why not give the real French baguette with the breakfast? It would make the stay even more magical …

French baguette at Disneyland Paris
Real French baguette at the Alamo Trading Post (but not in our breakfast…)

No cheese?

The other thing that striked us was that there was no cheese or ham (meat) included with the breakfast. However the French (and the Dutch!) are well known for their cheese-loving-culture, the lack of cheese at many Disneyland Paris breakfasts is disturbing.

Except for the more expensive breakfast options (Disneyland Hotel and the club-level breakfasts). They have a wide assortment of cheese, but the cheaper breakfasts have non. Sometimes they offer Gouda and Cheddar cheese cubes (if you’re lucky) but in the case of Davy Crockett Ranch … NOTHING! We thought this was strange and we also missed it a lot, because there was no savory stuff, solely sweet spreads.

Croissant or cornflakes

At the Breakfast cabin, while picking up your breakfast, you’ll get some questions: orange juice or apple juice? Croissant or cornflakes?

Now the first question is not that difficult, you either like orange or apple juice in the morning. The second question however is more challenging. I don’t know about you, but we would like to have had both. What makes the question even harder is that croissant or cornflakes are nothing similar. If they would have asked me to choose between a croissant or a chocolate croissant, the question would make more sense. Even asking us to choose between the baguette and the croissant would make more sense! Especially considering the fact that milk is always includes with the breakfast.

So it’s choosing between a croissant or a small pack of cornflakes. Well, it does make you wonder…

Conclusion: what we think

All in all, I guess that the breakfast is perfect for when you don’t want any hassle. Next time we’re staying in Davy Crockett Ranch however, I wouldn’t buy the breakfast. Instead I would bring my own instant coffee , orange juice, jam, cheese and butter. I would also bring bread and a toaster. In the mornin I would toast the bread and enjoy a good an cheap breakfast. Yummy. You don’t need to leave the cabin and it will save you around 10 euros per person.

That being said, we liked the experience of picking-up the breakfast and the fact that we didn’t had to think about anything. It was all taken care of.

I think that when you can get the breakfast with a discount or for free, it’s a no-brainer. Do it! But if Disney wants to charge you the full price, I would kindly decline.

Well guys, I hope that this blog will help you out when you are in doubt about the Breakfast Basket of Davy Crockett Ranch. Thanks for reading and maybe next time we’ll see you in Mainstreet 🙂

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