The Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris is the most luxurious hotel on Disneyland Paris property. The Disneyland Hotel is famous for it’s pink color and the giant Mickey Mouse clock at the front of the hotel. The hotel is Victorian-inspired and it’s considered a 5 star hotel. One of the major benefits of the hotel is its location. The Disneyland Hotel is perfectly located at the entrance to Disneyland Park, which means that you can enter the Disneyland Park very quick and easy.

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The Tinkerbell suite

A few weeks ago we were invited by Disney to join a massive hotel tour and we also visited the Disneyland Hotel. One of the rooms we were able to see was the Tinkebell suite. This is one of the smaller suites, but we disagree.

It’s got a living area and a separate bedroom. The Tinkerbell suite is decorated in the same style as the Disneyland Hotel, but it has got some Tinkerbell details. Such as illustrations on the wall and a Tinkerbell carved out of wood on the cupboard.

The view is impressive as you are looking over the back side of the Disneyland Hotel and you can see al the guests entering the park. When you book a night at the Tinkerbell suite you’ll get a bottle of Champagne as a gift from the hotel.

Do you want to know how much a night in the Tinkerbell suite costs? Prices start around €3000 euros a night.

tinkerbell suite Disneyland Hotel Paris

The Sleeping Beauty suite or The Presidential suite

The most spectacular suite in the Disneyland Hotel is The Sleeping Beauty suite, which is also called the The Presidential suite. You will have the best view possible over the Disneyland Park, which means you can look over the entrance of the park and Main Street.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

From your room you can see the Sleeping Beauty Castle right in front of you. There is an enormous living area with a grand piano, which stands on a beautiful wooden floor and giant carpet.

You’ll find beautiful paintings on the ceiling and one of a kind decorations, such as a stool in the shape of stacked fairytale books. There’s big sofa that accommodates 4 people and there are 4 additional chairs for when you expect more guests.

The bathroom is massive and consists of several rooms. In the bathroom you’ll will find a large whirlpool.

In one of the rooms of the Sleeping Beauty suite there’s a giant dining table which is big enough to accommodate 12 people. Next to the dining area is a full fitted kitchen. Easy for when you expect guests.

Do you want to know how much a night in the Presidential suite costs? Prices start around €8000 euros a night.

presidential suite or sleeping beauty suite Disneyland Hotel Paris

A regular Disneyland Hotel room

Staying in a regular Disneyland Hotel room is just as much fun as staying in one of the suites.

There’s a spacious bedroom with a cabinet with a TV. In this same cabinet you’ll find a Nespresso coffee maker and a cooker.

Look in the drawer underneath it to get some complimentary Nespresso capsules, milk, sugar and tea. You’ll get 4 Nespresso capsules for free and if you like to use more you can buy them in the mini bar. This will cost you 12 euros for 4 coffee capsules.

Furthermore you’ll find in the regular hotel room some bathrobes and even some slippers.

What does a night at the Disneyland Hotel cost?

The price of a regular Disneyland Hotel room starts with €400 a night in January, but it’s more common to pay between €600 and €800 a night.

regular Disneyland Hotel room Paris

The bathroom of a regular Disneyland Hotelroom is normal sized, no difference to other Disneyland Paris resort hotels. There is a bath with a showercurtain. This curtain is a little bit different than what we’re used to. It’s double layered, consisting of a plastic curtain and a curtain made of normal fabric.

The theming in the bathroom is Fantasia, which is shown on the tiles and also the wallpaper. What we love about the bathroom is that it has the deluxe spa bottles and the bathroom has got a very nice mirror which depicts the seven dwarfs and Snow White.

The toilet is some what hidden behind the door and a wall. There’s a button that makes it possible to adjust the volume of the television in the bedroom. You can have a party on the toilet! And if you like to eat something or have an emergency you can also call the reception from the toilet (joke).

toilet telephone Disneyland Hotel room Paris
mirror Disneyland Hotel room Paris

The view of a Regular Disneyland Hotel room

The view of your regular Disneyland Hotel room depends on where the reception places you.

We’ve stayed in the far end of the hotel, next to the train-station, overlooking the parking lot. We asked for another room, because we thought the noise of the train-station was too much for us.

We then got a room completely on the other side of the hotel, overlooking the fountains of the hotel near the entrance of the Disneyland Park. We definitely liked that room better.

During our Hoteltour a few weeks later with Disney, we learned that also the ground level rooms are considered classic Disneyland Hotel rooms.

When they give you a room like that, you’ll have high ceilings (which look stunning) and beautiful wallpaper stuffed with hidden Mickey’s and other Disney Characters.

Your own terrace

The most spectaculair part of this hotelroom is dat you’ll have your own terrace overlooking the back garden of the Disneyland Hotel. You can almost touch the entrance of the Disneyland Park.

It’s an amazing place to stay. Next time, we’re definitely hoping we will get a room like that.

The Disneyland Hotel Breakfast

Lets see what the breakfast is al about! The breakfast is at the California Grill. Normally this is the most expensive and exclusive restaurant of Disneyland Paris. We’ve stayed in every Disneyland Paris hotel now and also enjoyed club level rooms in several Disneyland Paris hotels, but the breakfast at the Disneyland Hotel is the best we’ve ever seen.


Even-though this is a normal class Disneyland Hotel breakfast it can compete easily with the more expensive rooms (and additional breakfasts) at other hotels, such as the Golden Forrest rooms and the Compass Club in New Port Bay Club.

The food at the Disneyland Hotel breakfast

At the Disneyland Hotel Breakfast you can for example find fresh juice, such as apple juice and orange juice. There are large and delicious croissants, different kinds of bread and buns and also pastries.

There are preboiled eggs, but you van also boil your own egg. You can get smoked salmon, pancake, blini’s, butter, cheese, lemon, madeleines, white beans in tomato sauce, fried mushrooms, sausages, bacon, scrambled egg, omelet and baked potato.

There are all kinds of yoghurt for you to take like regular yoghurt, creme brûlée, Yakult and yoghurt with fruit.
On the other side of the breakfast room you’ve got a whole arrangement of preserves. Tea, Nutella for on your crepes and all kinds of jam, such as strawberry jam.

A waiter walks around bringing you coffee and milk, if you like. It’s all very comfortable and relaxing.

What’s the address of the Disneyland Hotel?

The address of the Disneyland Hotel is Rue de la Marnière, 77700 Chessy, France.

Driving on to the Disneyland Hotel property is the same as the other Disney hotel. But then you get to the main entrance and then it’s a little bit different.

Valet parking

Normally you would drive straight to the parking and park your car and go ahead with your own business. But here they have valet parking. We didn’t end up using it, because we were so flabbergasted about the hotel, we totally forgot about valet parking.

What we should’ve done was park our car in front of the reception, ask one of the cast members about valet parking give them our key and let them park our car.


They can also get your luggage and bring it to your room! We done it all ourselves so, that was a little bit silly! Now we know what to do next time.

parking disneyland hotel Paris

The swimming pool

The Disneyland Hotel has also got a swimming pool. There’s a normal pool, there’s a Jacuzzi and there are some beds where you van lay down and relax.

The swimming pool is not big. It’s actually pretty small. If the entire hotel would like to use the swimming pool at ones, no one can swim anywhere. You will feel like sardines in a can.

Infinity annual pass

Do you have an Infinity annual pass? In that case you are allowed to use all the swimming facilities in all the Disney Resort Hotels, so you might want to go to Sequoia Lodge for example to use their pool (because it’s bigger).

swimming pool disneyland hotel Paris

Disneyland Hotel pool and health club

The crocodiles from the Fantasia movie are guarding the entrance to the Disneyland Hotel pool and health club. But there’s more than just a swimming pool and a spa, there’s even an arcade!


The Madhatter’s game arcade to be precise. Well they’re probably all mad in here!You can find a lot of arcade games here, such as air hockey (in the PacMan theming).

There’s a racing game called Typhoon! And there’s a Mario Cart game. Pretty nice! Also the Real American Whac-A-Mole and Ice-ball (or Ski-ball) has got a spot.

Playing in the arcade costs one token. You can get the tokens from a token machine. You’ll pay 2 euros for one token. So, if you want to play one game, you have to pay 2 euros. We didn’t bring any cash, so we couldn’t try it. The Madhatter’s game arcade is opened from 8 am till 1 am

Nursery and Minnie Club

Next to the arcade you’ll find a nursery and the Minnie Club. It’s perfect for when you would like an hour or so for yourself, for example when you’re going to have a spa treatment.

This service isn’t free, you’ll pay extra to use the nursery and Minnie Club, but it can be convenient for when you need some me-time. The Minnie Club is opened from 2 pm till 5 pm and from 6 pm till 9 pm.

Disneyland Hotel Spa

In the back of the Disneyland Hotel pool and health club you can hear some soothing music playing. It’s go get you in the right mood for your spa treatment.

There’s also a gym and the entrance to the swimming pool. If you are looking for a very relaxing spa treatment these are the prices for everything that they offer.

Are you going to use all these extra’s? No, of course not! You’ll be out in the park and the Disneyland Hotel is perfect for it because there’s no security when you want to enter the park.

That’s because technically you are already inside the park. Leaving your room, going to the exit of the hotel all you need to do is going through the Disneyland Park gate and you’re in!

Turn down service

At a certain time (around 8 pm) you’ll get a knock on the door. In our case two maids asked if we wanted turn down service and we said, of course, yes.

We had no idea what turn down service is like, but we were pleased with the result. What they actually did was rearrange the pillows and open up the duvet. They also left a chocolate and the well wishes for a good night.

The chocolates had a beautiful Disneyland Hotel drawing on the wrapping paper and it’s good quality chocolate too. The well wishes were also very nice and something that could turn into a collectable.

It’s a card, with the wishes for a good night, but every night a different Disney character and dito quote is shown on the card. It looks very nice and like I said, it’s a nice souvenir and a collectable too.

turn down service regular disneyland hotel room Paris

Café Fantasia

Opposite of the restaurants that are in the center of the Disneyland Hotel is café Fantasia. You probably know this café from many of our videos because it’s our life saver.

Cold weather? Coffee at Café Fantasia. Grumpy and hungry? Café Fantasia. Late night drink? Café Fantasia.

Because café Fantasia is very close to Inventions, which is a character dining experience, it’s very common you run into some Disney Characters. Last time we were there we met Pinocchio, Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Donald.

Disneyland Hotel Shop

We almost forgot to tell you about the Disneyland Hotel Shop. This shop is beautiful in itself, but the selection of merchandise is also very good.

They sell the regular Disneyland Paris merchandise, but also some exclusive goods, such as an exclusive Disneyland Hotel pin, Disneyland Hotel scented candles and home perfume and also some ridiculous expensive merchandise.

For example the helmet of Boba Fett, in glitter. Gem packed really, with gem’s and a bullet hole in the helmet too. Do you want to buy it? It will set you back about 7000 euros!

boba fett disneyland hotel Shop Paris

Shopping service

Also nice to know; if you’re staying in a Disneyland Resort hotel (any Disney hotel on property) you can shop in the parks and have it delivered to your hotel. That way you don’t have to carry around your bought things.

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