Auberge De Cendrillon Breakfast

Breakfast with Disney Princesses (2019) in Disneyland Paris

What better way to start a morning than to meet the Disney Princesses while enjoying a delicious breakfast? That’s exactly what we thought! This is all possible when you book a breakfast at Auberge de Cendrillon in Disneyland Paris. We wanted to try this special breakfast because we thought this could be a great alternative for the more expensive dinner. Auberge de Cendrillon is a beautiful dinner-location in Fantasyland, where you can meet the Disney princesses while enjoying food. The addition of the characters however makes this restaurant very expensive.

bread at auberge de cendrillon breakfast

After trying and experiencing the breakfast: what is our conclusion? Did we enjoy the food? How was the ambiance? And were the Disney-character meet and greets worth it? You’ll read it all in this blog. If you like to watch instead of reading, check out our YouTube video about the breakfast at Auberge de Cendrillon!

First impressions

Walking up to Auberge de Cendrillon (knowing that you made a reservation) is wonderful. The building looks absolutely stunning, as well on the outside as on the inside. The beautiful carriage of Cinderella is waiting outside and is also a great photo opportunity. The queue on the outside of the building however is not romantic or magical at all. Especially the crowd that waits on the inside of the building (in the waiting room) is huge. It’s a hazard for people with anxiety and claustrophobic issues. When we arrived (we arrived late) the atmosphere was tense.

Time slot

It seemed that we were all waiting for the same time-slot. So, there was absolutely no need for people to feel disadvantaged. The restaurant-crew seats a lot of people at ones to be able to clean a different section of the restaurant for the next group. The smaller groups were seated first. Once they were seated, the larger groups were shown to their table. It makes sense, but because nobody knew why things went as they went, the atmosphere became quite tense. Not a good start, I would say!

Meeting Aurora was so much fun!

The food

Ones we were seated the fun began. There was a three tier tray waiting for us on the table filled with different kinds of bread, jelly’s and so on. If we would have liked to, we could have started the breakfast right away! We decided to wait. The waiters were walking around asking us whether we wanted to drink coffee or tea, orange juice or apple juice. It felt really luxurious and royal. What we also liked about the breakfast? We didn’t have to leave our table. No pushing and shoving around a buffet in the morning. We loved it!

Savory and sweet varieties

Almost immediately the waiters started serving the cold side dishes. This cold dish consists of one wooden holder with 6 cups, which contained all kinds of small side dishes (and some wooden forks). In the cups you’ll find savory and sweet varieties, such as crunchy vegetables, smoked salmon, muesli, smoked salmon, fruit salad and fromage blanc. It tasted really good! My favorite was the yogurt with muesli.

Cold side dish at auberge de cendrillon breakfast
Cold side dish at Auberge de Cendrillon

Dietary requirements

If you have any dietary requirements, we would suggest to tell the cast member this whilst booking your breakfast for Auberge de Cendrillon. Also, we would like to advice you to ask at the desk (when checking in at the restaurant) to ask whether your dietary requirements came through. This will definitely help to get the food you and need for your dietary requirements.

When you’ve watched our video about the Breakfast with the Disney Princesses, you’ll know that we had some dietary preferences, but we didn’t get the chance to tell anyone. Suddenly our food was presented and we had to inform a waiter about Elise preferring a vegetarian meal. It was no problem at all and after waiting for around 15 minutes, a vegetarian version of the breakfast arrived.

Elise found the vegetables and especially the asparagus most delicious of everything on her plate. The Mickey waffle and scrambled eggs were okay, but nothing special. And the baked beans? Well, just like everybody knows them best … canned 😉

vegetarian breakfast option at auberge de cendrillon
The vegetarian menu at Auberge de Cendrillon Breakfast

The regular dish (with meat)

At the breakfast is most common for guests to eat the normal (meat) version. You’ll get two sausages, a small Mickey Waffle, seasoned potatoes, vegetables and scrambled eggs. You’ll also get the cold side dishes (we talked about it here)

Sven ate the regular dish. He really liked the potatoes a lot. They were crispy and were nicely seasoned. Elise always has problems to appreciate potatoes in the morning, so Sven ate the potatoes from both plates! Sven stated that the sausages were deliciously seasoned as well.

auberge de cendrillon breakfast with meat sausages
The regular (normal) breakfast option
Cinderella at Auberge de Cendrillion
What’s the Auberge without Cinderella herself walking around and taking pictures?


The Breakfast at Auberge de Cendrillon was a success. We had an amazing and magical time. Is the food worth the money? No it’s not, but it’s obvious that you’re paying for the interaction and pictures with the princesses too. No queues you’ll have to wait in, no standing in line for hours; just a comfortable chair, a delicious meal and the Disney Princesses coming to your table. All in all we enjoyed talking with Disney princesses and taking pictures ánd we had breakfast like a king. Now that’s what we call a royal start of the day!

The Menu of auberge de cendrillon breakfast
The Menu for the Breakfast at Auberge de Cendrillon.

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