Which are the hotels of Disneyland Paris? Are they more convenient than an off site hotel? You are probably wondering if the Disneyland Hotel and the other hotels too are worth it. On this page we introduce you to all the Disneyland Paris Hotels and we also show you a few cheaper alternatives in the nearby surrounding of Disneyland Paris.

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Saving on your Disney hotel

Over the years we have visited Disneyland Paris a lot. We’ve stayed in many hotels on and off Disneyland Paris property. Because we visit Disneyland Paris very often we try to alternate cheap hotels with the more expensive Disney hotels. In January the hotel prices are the lowest and sometimes we splurge on a Disney hotel (because it’s chheaaappp!). Therefor in 2018 we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. Also, when you book way in advance the hotel prices are way less expensive than a last minute trip.

Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris
The most beautiful hotel of them all: the Disneyland Hotel, right above the entrance

Your hotel options

Outside Disneyland Paris the ‘Nature Resorts’ and ‘Partner hotels’ are a good alternative for the Disney Hotels. The cheapest option however is to stay at an off site hotel that has got nothing to do with Disneyland Paris, such as the Ibis hotels.
I would like to add that I would advice you to stay in a Disney Hotel if this is your first time to visit Disneyland Paris. I know that it might seem expensive, but even Hotel Santa Fé or Hotel Cheyenne (which are the budget hotels of Disneyland Paris) add so much to your Disneyland Paris vacation! The amount of money that you think you will save by staying outside of Disneyland Paris, you usually spend on silly things anyway. And that while a hotel on site adds so much to the magic. An example is that if you bought a souvenir, you can ask the cashier to deliver it to your Disney hotel.

Benefits of staying on site

The biggest pro of staying in a Disney Hotel is probably Extra Magic Time. When you’re staying on site you’ll get excess to Disneyland Paris 1,5 hours earlier than the regular guests. And, like I mentioned above, when you buy something in the park you can have your souvenirs send to your Disney hotel and pick it up later.

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Another benefit is the fact that all the Disney Hotels are close to the park. So close, that you can easily walk to the entrance. There are shuttles available, but we always choose to walk to Disneyland. The longest walk is Hotel Santa Fé, but even this hotel is only a 20 minute walk to the entrance gate of Disneyland. No biggie. The closest to the Disneyland Paris is the Disneyland Hotel, which is situated above the entrance of the Disneyland Park.
Another pro of staying in a Disney Hotel is knowing that you’ll stay in the Disney Bubble. The rooms are decorated in Disney style and it all looks só good.

Village Nature Resort Disneyland Paris
An example of a Village Nature bungalow

Nature Resorts and Partner Hotels

There’s also the possibility of staying in a Nature Resort or Partner Hotel that is linked to Disney. A big plus is that these hotels and resorts are screened by Disney (Davy Crockett Ranch is owned by Disney) and therefor they must meet certain requirements to meet the Disney standard to be called ‘partner’. This is a big benefit and you’ll definitely notice the difference with non-partner hotels.

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Staying off site Disneyland

Of course the biggest benefit of staying off property is the price. Most of the time it’s much cheaper to stay off site than when you would stay in a Disney Hotel or a Nature/Partner hotel.
But be aware, because off site isn’t always cheaper than staying on site. Sometimes you can get your hands on a great deal at the Disneyland Paris website. In other words: keep your eyes peeled and search on Google before booking.

IBIS Marne la Vallee
The hallway in an IBIS hotel near Disneyland Paris